This is a list of all the people and organisations that support the Constant Gardener Trust. If you would like to become a friend, email us so we can exchange links

Potboiler Productions, these are the guys that produced the Constant Gardener movie, pay them a visit to see what else they have been involved in.

Planet Interactive Arts, they built our internet site, if you go to their site you can see some of the other great work they have done... Really cool 3D stuff

"The Last King of Scotland was given great support by the Ugandan people in
making the film there. We are now working very closely with two Ugandan
charities which are dedicated to helping create a sustainable future for
Uganda's children.

Hope North was founded by Sam Okello of the Ndere Dance Troupe, which
provided three cast members and backed our film in many other ways. Hope
North gives a new home and educational opportunities for the displaced
children who are the victims of the fighting in Northern Uganda.

Please visit their website if you'd like to know more, or make a donation.

The Tigers Club provides support, medical care, food and education for the
homeless street children of Kampala. We were very proud to have some of
those children in our film.

Please visit their website if you'd like to know more, or make a donation.

The Mighty Fin – one of our generous donors. – Chrissy Blundell, Oscar winning make-up designer who worked on The Constant Gardener, has opened her very own make-up academy. The academy has decided to support the Trust, and we’re really proud to be connected with them. – the wonderful, clever designer of our very own Trust logo. Take a look at all Harriet’s quirky, fun designs. – no explanation needed for simply the best place in the UK! – these guys make footballs using African skills and African leather, and spread the word about key medical issues at the same time. – pioneers of the new ISSB technology, we’re very much hoping to work with the Good Earth Trust in the near future.